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Manage organizational change, get help for your teams to translate existing processes into the agile and collaborative world of Google Workspace (G Suite). Empower your users with skills, best practices, and tips to work quickly and efficiently using the Google Workspace tools.

Whether your organization is going through a digital transformation and you are moving into Google Workspace, or you have been running on Google Workspace for a while, you want to make sure that you have a plan to cater to:

    • those who may already be familiar with Google Workspace;

    • those who are not yet comfortable with its use;

    • those who are newcomers to your company and may have been working in other systems.

Your IT infrastructure is your organization's home, you will want to ensure that every single person who inhabits the house is comfortable in it.

Having a unified system helps you be more agile and productive only if everyone knows how to use it. If someone uses Google Workspace tools for collaboration expecting colleagues to roll right along, this will only work if everyone has basic knowledge of how to use those tools.

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