DIY Your IT!

My biggest passion is empowering business owners who are just getting started to manage their own IT systems.

Learn to set up and control the backbone of your business: your IT system (domain, email, calendar, office productivity suite, etc.), using Google Workspace. Not a techie? Not a problem! Don't outsource your tech! It's important that as a business owner, you have full control over your IT systems. It's the home of your business operations, so keep ahold of the key! I will help you become your own IT Department. And you don't have to be a techie.

I have seen far too many small businesses being dependent on 3rd parties to manage their IT systems, their websites, their emails. Not only can this be costly for them, but often times small business owners find themselves in a situation where they don't own or control their own systems, and they become fully dependent on the 3rd parties in making the smallest changes, or they may have difficulty switching systems when needed. This detracts from the timeliness, agility, and adaptability of their businesses to their customers' and market's needs. With today's systems it doesn't have to be rocket science to set up your own IT!

By helping budding business owners learn the ropes of tech and Google Workspace, I also hope to contribute to an increase in the number of women in tech!

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COMING SOON: I will have a course where I guide you through every step of the way. Want to try it first? No problem, the first Chapter of the course will be complimentary so you can get a feel for how we roll and whether it will be a good fit for you. You will get a free checklist of IT tools you need as you start your business.

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