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Hi! My name is Gabriella Laszlo. I empower business owners and those who are just getting started to become their own IT Department. And you don't have to be a techie!

I help you get acquainted with modern IT solutions for communication, office productivity, marketing, and more to allow your business to thrive without the crazy cost overhead and a multitude of platforms.

Take charge. Get a solution that just works. Period.

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Google Certified Administrator

Why go Google?

Look professional, save time, be productive with Google's G Suite.

Custom email
Online cloud storage
Security of Google

Custom email: Look professional with an email

Collaboration: Work together on files to get things done faster.

Online cloud storage: Access your files wherever you may be -- not just from your computer.

Security of Google: Be protected through Google's built-in security.

Google’s G Suite: All-in one Cloud-based Software IT Solution

  • Communication (business email, video conferencing and screen sharing)
  • Office software (word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics)
  • Collaboration (collaborative documents)
  • Web content
  • Client management, support, surveys
  • Project management, and more

Google’s G Suite

  • Is accessible from any device; compatible with iPhone and Android phone
  • Plays nicely with Mac OS, Windows; all you need is a browser (best in Chrome)
  • Can coexist with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice
  • Comes with 24/7 Support from Google
  • Allows you full control over your IT