Clients and Testimonials


💎 During my years working at Google, I worked on a number of Google Workspace (G Suite / Google Apps) deployments, trained users and admins, managed and supported integrated systems, across thousands of users around the world.

💎 Currently, I help Genentech with their IT adoption.

💎 My other clients include:

Translation Commons
CA Design
Barbara Werderitsch
Cupertino Union School District
World Class Inspectors
Healthier Now



"Gabriella has become our go-to person for software IT needs. Her main focus is to solve problems and make it as easy as possible for us to do work. She not only solves problems and proposes viable and scalable solutions, but she always ensures that we are trained and comfortable with the functionality we need, and she provides reference notes and documentation custom-tailored to our specific use cases and environment. Gabriella has helped CA Design optimize and streamline our business software solutions: when we needed to replace old, unsupported software, she ensured that she understood all our needs and use cases, researched and tested multiple alternatives, helped set up the final choice (which connects to other applications we use) and launched the product within our environment, training us along the way. She also introduced us to best practices to get the most out of several Google products. In addition, Gabriella has helped a non-profit organization, Project Street Feet, that I am associated with to get started on G Suite [Google Workspace] and continues to support us as we grow. I would rate her service an A+, she definitely saved me time and stress."

-- Robin Reynolds, Director of Operations,

" a tech lady communicating with perfect sense!"

-- Barbara Werderitsch​, Technical Translator & Conference Interpreter,

"Gabriella Laszlo is an outstanding G Suite [Google Workspace] Consultant! Not only is she a certified G Suite Administrator but her many years working at Google have given her in-depth experience that you cannot find in other G Suite Consultants. Her knowledge of G Suite system administration and user management and her training and support experience are of the highest caliber. I have worked with Gabriella while she was at Google and was impressed with her insight and deep understanding of Google Apps. Recently through her consultancy, Gabriella has helped Translation Commons with our entire system. She is diligent about collecting information and always indicates all the practical applications her suggestions have. She is both creative with her solutions and able to drill down with precision to details. She is highly intelligent and communicates perfectly her ideas and suggestions. She is extremely hard working with a methodical approach to investigation, data gathering and problem solving. Her competence and enthusiasm guarantee she always delivers superior work. I highly recommend her and will be happy to talk to anyone requiring further information."

-- Jeannette Stewart, Founder,

"Gabriella was amazing!! She patiently walked me through all the things that had completely confounded me for weeks AND showed me features of Google Workspace I never even knew existed. She really knows all the ins and outs of the program and explains it patiently and thoroughly. Thank you Gabriella!!"

-- Susan Light, Founder, Doggy Dojo