About Us

Gabriella Laszlo

Hi! My name is Gabriella Laszlo.

I am the founder of KloudGem LLC

KloudGem's mission is to empower people with tech.

KloudGem helps:

💎 Small business owners -- we teach them how to establish and tame their business IT with Google Workspace (G Suite), while empowering them to become their own IT Department!

💎 Mid-size companies -- we ensure that they work optimally in their Google Workspace environment.

💎 Large enterprises -- we assist them with their digital transformations to working in the Google Workspace IT ecosystem, with a special emphasis on consultations and on the training and empowerment of the users.

I am a Google Workspace (G Suite) Certified Administrator, and I worked for Google for over 10 years in various roles. In short, I am a cloud geek.

I’ve been called a tech lady who communicates with perfect sense! Helping people feel empowered using tech makes me feel proud and drives everything I do.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your business IT, we’d love to work with you, too!

If you are ready to make your business IT simpler or want to learn more about how we can work together, contact us.

Google Certified Administrator

If you use Google Workspace and don’t use it to its fullest extent, you will be amazed at what you had right under your fingertips all along!

Gabriella's experience in more techy detail

Project types

Responsibilities and approaches

I did needs assessment, solutions design for how Google Workspace would fit needs; I interfaced with stakeholders to fine-tune designs, and with developers regarding integration with other systems. I planned and managed projects for Google Workspace deployments; I planned and executed change management, training, written documentation (including help and training docs) and did subsequent administration and support of Google Workspace instances.

On the administration-front, I purchased domains, did hands-on Google Workspace commissioning and fine-tuned settings for optimal performance for organization and user needs. I worked with IT security team members to ensure that the planned Google Workspace settings were compliant with company requirements. I also worked with legal team members. I commissioned new users, including bulk upload. When dealing with large numbers of new users or ongoing onboarding, I created protocols, conventions, and trained a team of user admins (with specific rights to the systems). I designed special Google Group structuring to minimize onboarding activities, yet to simultaneously enable automatic access to information that users need based on their function (with the necessary limits to access).

I gauged adoption also by metrics and reports available in Google Workspace.

I engaged developers for Google Oauth2 integration with other tools to achieve single sign-on, as well as for integration between Google Workspace and other tools.

When a new feature rollout or change was about to come, I planned for communication/documentation (and if needed, training), and support for questions.

I work and worked with teams both in-person and remotely. (I have experience providing support to admins, users, vendors -- including through Chrome Remote Desktop -- when necessary.)